Pet Action League, Inc.

Pet Action League, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization. It is the corporate entity of which Kentucky Greyhound Placement is a dba (doing business as) organization. You may see reference to Pet Action League (PAL) or Kentucky Greyhound Placement (KyG) please know that these are the same nonprofit corporate entity.

The first focus of PAL is Greyhound placement. Kentucky Greyhound Placement was established for that reason. Each dba will operate as if they are their own individual business entity, having their own officers and will raise and track their own income and expenses. KyG is currently the only active arm of PAL. KyG is planned to be the only breed specific dba. Other planned dba's have to do with certain types of adopters and not the specific breed or type of pet.

How PAL began…
The founder of PAL, Pat Ricia Leenerts, like a lot of children, wanted to grow up to help animals. Initially Pat Ricia thought about becoming a veterinarian. A business class at her high school suggested they shadow or interview someone in the student’s field of interest. Pat Ricia found a veterinarian willing to speak with her. The vet quickly realized that Pat Ricia would have a difficult time with end of life situations as a veterinarian. He discussed that part of the vet practice with her and she agreed that she could not handle that situation. End of life situations happen in many animal fields so it was a hurdle that Pat Ricia could not overcome as a teenager. Pat Ricia studied accounting and became a CPA in 1984.
Fast forward to 1991, Pat Ricia discovered a Greyhound rescue and placement group (Greyhounds Unlimited) in Fort Worth, TX. This was shortly after their first Greyhound they found in 1982, crossed the Rainbow Bridge. The plight of the Greyhound, in the early 1990s, reawakened Pat Ricia’s dream of helping animals. She continued to work with several Greyhound organizations through mid-2016 with the inactivity and eventual end of Shamrock Greyhound Placement (SGP). Pat Ricia spoke with several former SGP volunteers to see what direction was needed in the Louisville, KY and surrounding areas. The family atmosphere of SGP and the work they had accomplished were wonderful for a placement group. We decided we would begin our own legacy as SGP did in 1996. The seeds for Kentucky Greyhound Placement were planted.
In discussions with other people who are interested in helping animals the dream of Pet Action League (PAL) began to unfold. There are opportunities where Pat Ricia believes that she can make an impact through PAL and help other pets in need. Acting on these additional opportunities are most likely several years away. As each of these opportunities are addressed a new dba will be formed under the umbrella of Pet Action League, Inc., again with each dba acting as if an independent organization for their own fundraising, expenses and maintaining their own officer structure within the dba. For now Pat Ricia and PAL will continue to focus on the Greyhound through KyG.